About Us

In the summer of 2020, troubled by rising unemployment and struggling businesses, the idea of Mantifly became manifest. There is an existing market full of talent, and we aim to stimulate the growth of these amazing creatives who make up that community. We are here to help provide opportunities to struggling families and individuals in an incredibly difficult economic position. By offering people the means to create their own wealth, we offer them dignity and financial security. This is the bedrock of a society. A culture.We want to model a form of business that seems to be lacking in this 21st century, by practicing a conscious business ethic not just putting our virtues in print, on a sign in our window. We want to be a pillar of society, to model what reliability and fairness in a company looks like and encourage others to exhibit strength and integrity. We all do our part in changing the world every single day--Be. The. Change.

Join us in...

The Beautiful Revolusion

Meet the Team:

Alex Hatch

Alex is our founder who has very ambitious dreams. She embraces liberty and advocates protecting the most vulnerable people in our society--children. She co-hosts a respectful parenting podcast and hopes to eradicate violence towards children.

Bradley Strong

Bradley is our art and design lead. His experience with poverty makes this project dear to him. Being able to provide an opportunity for change in other’s lives, to him, is just as good as being in the history books.

Amber Etienne

Amber is our operations manager. She is passionate about helping vulnerable communities and giving people opportunities to thrive. She embraces new technologies that can improve our lives.